Tea Time n°5 : Digital Storytelling

Nous aurons plaisir à vous retrouver lors du Tea Time qui aura lieu :

le 15 juin de 16h30 à 18h

autour de

Digital Storytelling

La présentation de Carmenne Kalyaniwala servira d’amorce à une discussion collective.

Carmenne Kalyaniwala

ATILF-CNRS & Université de Lorraine, Nancy

We tell stories every day. We live them, we breathe them. We conjure up old folktales from the deep recesses of our imaginations and create narratives that transcend space and time. We teach through stories; some with happy endings, other that invoke a thousand possibilities or offer hope in desperate times.

At ARDAA’s next Tea-time (June 15, 2022), we will discuss teaching and learning English through the timeless art of storytelling. We’ll take a quick trip down memory lane to remind ourselves what storytelling used to be and how it has evolved over the ages. We’ll look at the tools we, as teachers, and our students, have at our disposal to create stories. I’ll share some of my stories with you and hope you’ll do the same.


Lien vers la visio : https://u-pec-fr.zoom.us/j/85207345520

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